Is One Step’s Mini-Storage & Organization
Solutions right for you?

“I don’t want to spend a lot of money”

Vancouver can be an expensive place to live. Our storage service is designed to provide you with an affordable, convenient and secure storage alternative compared to other mini-storage providers. Our stackable industrial strength Mobile Lockers, secure storage facility located outside the down-town core and paying only for what you need usually allows our customers to save up to 15% compared to other down-town providers, with the added convenience of at your door delivery. We are also focused on helping you lower your storage costs by facilitating the donation, disposal or shipping of items you no longer need as part of your storage pick-up.

“I need to de-clutter my apartment of seasonal items”

Living in down-town Vancouver is exciting. Within minutes you could be skiing on Cypress, biking around Stanley Park or golfing at UBC. However, apartments never have enough room for all your seasonal toys, clothes or decorations. One Step is here to help by providing you with a low cost storage solution where your items are just an e-mail or call away. Look for our Seasonal Organizer special packages that come with free drop-off and pick-up at the end (and beginning) of the winter and summer season.

“I don’t feel safe going to a storage facility alone.”

Who wants to drive to an isolated warehouse in an industrial park and have to walk through a dark, cold and large facility by yourself? With One Step, you never have to leave the comfort of your apartment. Our service retrieves and delivers your items bringing them right to your door. Avoid moving your items back and forth to storage facilities or scary warehouses, lifting, taxi expense, etc.

“I am renovating/selling/downsizing my apartment and I need a temporary solution.”

One Step is the perfect, flexible storage solution for anyone going through a major apartment or life change. Perfect for Real Estate agents or professional “stagers” when staging apartments by de-cluttering the space. Our contracts are flexible and easily allow for extension, expansion, or termination. We also handle bigger items like couches, beds and tables making One Step your complete, affordable storage solution.

“I want to be ecologically responsible.”

We deliver containers made from 100% recycled plastic right to your apartment. No taping. No popcorn. No cardboard boxes and no paper cuts! With One Step, you can save money and the environment at the same time!

“I don´t want to store stuff I´ll never use again.”

Pay to store only those things you want to keep. If you have clothes, books or even large furniture items you no longer want, just let us know. We will pick up all your stuff at one time and we can:

Donate items to your preferred charity, or we can suggest some;

Ship items across town or around the world;

Dispose items via in an environmentally conscious way, or, where you have sensitive documents, shred them to prevent identity theft.