You order your selected service and pick-up time by completing the on-line application form.

Sort Items

You sort items for storage, complete inventory sheet and where applicable sort items you wish to donate, dispose or ship.


We can usually pick-up the items you wish to store within 48 hours. We charge $50.00 per delivery or pick-up, regardless of the amount of lockers or items.


Every mobile locker is sealed and given a unique inventory number and filed by name. When you want to recall a mobile locker from storage, you simply reference your name and your unique inventory number and schedule to have your mobile locker delivered back to your apartment at a time convenient for you.

Storing Furniture

Yes, we store furniture and other items that do not fit in our mobile locker including bikes, sports equipment, or a couch. For larger items, we charge $1.15 per cubic foot/month. Call for an estimate.

Payments (Credit Cards)

We will invoice you by PayPal or you can opt to allow us to charge your card monthly and we bill you in advance, on the first day of your billing cycle. We offer a 10% discount for advance payment of 6 months or longer.

Donate Your Items

Reduce your storage costs by donating your good quality items to charity. We will pick-up and then deliver -AT NO CHARGE- certain usable/good condition item(s) to a charity. (You must be a new customer or expand your current One Step storage for this free service.)